Tried and Tested Ways to Remove Algae from Your Roof Repair

Have you wondered how you can successfully remove moss and algae of your roof? Also, how can you keep it at bay, so the moss doesn’t make a comeback?

Do it yourselfers may suggest the following:

The black mold-like streaks and stains you may notice on your roof, particularly prevalent on lighter-colored asphalt shingles, is blue-green algae, which is present in climates with humid summers. It may not cause any harm to the materials of your roofing contractors, but it looks terrible.

What can be done about it?

You may replace all the roofers materials using new shingles that are dark enough to disguise the unpleasant looking markings or lace your shingles with copper granules to kill off the algae. It would only make sense doing this if your shingles were worn out.

An inexpensive solution to this problem is to spray wash your roof using a 50 percent mix of bleach with water and get rid of the algae that way. Do not make use of pressure washers as they are more than likely going to damage your shingles. As long as you take care to wet the foundation plantings, then rinse everything in clean water when you are done. Besides, plants do not like bleach, which is why you need to water them as a protection.

The best method for keeping algae at bay is to insert a 6-inch wide strip of copper or zinc under a row of shingles close to the roof peak. Be sure to leave an inch or two of the lower edge of your shingles exposed to the weather. By doing this, it will allow any rain to wash off metal molecules from your roof and eliminate algae that are trying to regain a foothold on the roofing shingles.

Roofing specialists will entirely disagree regarding the use of a brush and bleach to remove algae.

Furthermore, they will tell you that algae growth is not just limited to Gloeocapsa Magna, as it happens to be the bedrock for moss, lichen, and cyanobacteria.

What is more, leaving algae on your roof can result in more harm and not just leave your home looking ugly as it may:

  • Inhibit the roof from functioning the way it was designed to such as cooling and heating as well as precipitation clearance.
  • Infiltrate under the roof shingles and cause it to be malformed.
  • Enzymes within the algae can digest the adhesive right inside the granulation, leading to a loss of the granulation and adhesive loss that may result in brittle shingles and reduced UV protection.
  • Growth on the roof allows for a web-like variance that would trap excess debris and eventually damage and cog the cutters.
  • Algae on roofing would collect more pollen and compound the effects of seasonal allergies.

Most roofing companies would stand by the fact that zinc strips do not work. They know as they clean roofs a lot of the time that have these installed. Lead-coated copper strips are the ones you should use. They make use of these around most chimneys, which is why you won’t notice any growth beneath them.

The notion that one should not use a pressure washer is not entirely accurate. This is due to DIY guys who went cheap, got on the roof unskilled and tried to pressure wash their roof that was in such a condition that the shingles should have been replaced and not cleaned.

Modern-day shingles are so much more robust than the ones they used yesteryear. Using the correct skills and aperture with a decent pressure washer is essential. Besides, 4,000 commercial and residential roofing structures cannot be wrong.

Professional Roof Cleaning

Many people may consider professional roof cleaning to be costly and pointless. We can guarantee that it’s not.

The main reasons why you should have your roof professionally cleaned, include:

  1. Preventing roof leakages over time due to algae and moss buildup in specific areas.
  2. Having a clean roof will increase the value of your property as a roof covered in old paint chips, and moss is very unsightly and detrimental to the valuation of your home.

Fungus turns out to be an ineffective insulator as too much of it will leave your home being less thermally efficient.

Instead, utilize the services of reputed roofing specialists to restore your house to its former glory.

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